Baby Shower Cakes And Frosting Recipes

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Baby showers are usually a light hearted and fun way to congratulate the soon-to-be mom and give a gift to the baby. The cake should make a statement about the baby and what you wish for the family.




There are several different types of icing to use on this type of cake.




Quick Buttercream




1 pound sweet unsalted butter


1 pound icing fondant


1/2 tsp vanilla




2 pounds 3 cups




Use a flat beater or mixer to cream the butter. Add fondant gradually while beating.


Time – about 12 minutes




Cream Cheese Icing




10 oz of cream cheese


14 oz of icing fondant


7 ounces of shortening




2 pounds 3 cups




With a flat beater, beat cream cheese while adding icing fondant a little at a time.


Mix until smooth, add shortening, mix all together until smooth and light.


Time 10 to 12 minutes.




Remember that your cake decoration for a baby shower will be the centerpiece for the baby shower. There are plenty of places to get ideas for making wonderful baby shower cakes on the internet, or you may want to make up your own design. In any case you can use one of these great icing recipes.




Buttercream 1-2-3




3 Tblsp. Meringue Powder


1/2 cup water


3 cups of Icing Sugar


1 cup Sweet Butter


1 cup shortening


Vanilla to taste.




4 cups




Place water, meringue powder, and sugar in a bowl.


Beat with a beater until mixture makes peaks (7 to 10 minutes)


Add soft butter, shortening, and vanilla


Whip until fluffy and all lumps are gone




Flavoring your buttercream icing.




Amounts are based on flavoring one cup of icing.






2 Tbsp Hazelnut paste (melt over low heat)






1/2 tsp instant coffee dissolved in 1/2 tsp water.


2 Tbsp Semi-Sweet chocolate-melted






Cocoa and Oil


Mix 3 Tbsp cocoa powder and 2 Tbsp veg oil into a paste.




Lorran Oils- 10 to 12 drops




Vanilla- 8 drops




Lemon Flavor- 6 drops lemon oil and 2 Tbsp Lemon Butter






Of course, you can use these recipes on any cake decorating design. The baby shower cake is usually a smaller cake with whimsical or heartwarming decorations in a baby theme. In times past, the decorations for baby shower cakes were limited, now they can be found everywhere. Craft stores usually have a variety of ready-made cake decorations for your baby shower cake.




Whether you are a pro or a novice it is fun to do a baby shower cake decorating project. You can choose to buy the decorations, or make your own with icing. You can use your skills and imagination to make your baby shower cake outstanding. You will be elated when everyone compliments you on the beautiful baby shower cake.


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